Makeup Touch Therapy is a therapeutic tool I have developed as a Makeup Artist over time to help with chronic pelvic pain.

Being a Makeup Artist for over 19 years, I have loved to immerse myself in the art of creating. However, instead of painting on a canvas, I create art on a face.

There are many benefits of art therapy, which have been well documented. As a therapeutic tool, it facilitates emotional growth and promotes both mental and physical healing and recovery.

There is also one other benefit when using your face as a canvas, the element of touch.

When it comes to pain. 'It's through gentle touch that fast skin signals reach the brain before pain signals, shutting the gate on pain. The inflammatory cells in the brain can then slow their firing and stop sending inflammatory molecular signals to the skin.

Treatment of touch also enhances blood circulation, lymph and oxygen.'

Dr Michael Moskowitz, Transforming the Brain in Pain

Gentle touch over time can turn down those firing pain signals in the pelvis, pelvic floor muscles or vulva. Any chronic pain connection to the brain.

The Effects on the Brain through Makeup
Touch Therapy

Art therapy combined with the element of touch, helps with anxiety, depression, and trauma, both physical and emotional; which goes hand in hand with chronic pelvic pain.

Scientific evidence shows art therapy affects brain wave patterns, emotions and the nervous system, by  raising serotonin levels in the body.

Makeup Touch Therapy also activates the areas of the cerebral cortex that involve fine motor skills. The immersion into the therapy promotes relaxation, which lowers the fight and flight part of our brain - the amygdala, lowering stress and calming our emotional state.

Over time, using Makeup Touch Therapy as one of your tools to help with your pelvic pain, will start to make room for new synaptic connections, whilst pruning away those firing pain signals.

I run an online Makeup Touch Therapy class every month via Zoom. There is a maximum of 11 women in the class, and I teach you makeup skills to use therapeutically. Skills for life really.

I offer these classes openly with love, however if you like you can make a donation via Paypal.

If you're interested in joining a class, just, fill in the contact form below, send me an email or DM me via Instagram.

You don't need to be good at makeup or have a lot of makeup, as it's not about getting things right or wrong, it's the immersion in the art you are creating on your face - your canvas.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Download my free Makeup Touch Therapy eBook.

Lu Lu x

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