I am a champion for warriors and their pelvic health.

I'm Lu Lu a Pelvic Wellness and Self Love Advocate, Pelvic Pain Mentor, Teacher, and Makeup Artist.

I have had a myriad of pelvic pain issues for over 13 years - Vulvodynia, Pudendal Neuralgia and Painful Bladder Syndrome.

I totally get where you are...I've been there. Through the struggle of not knowing what's wrong with me, to the frustration of going from doctor to doctor, retelling my same story, getting little relief and support.

In mid 2019, I was at rock bottom, I just couldn't take the pelvic pain or the mental trauma that is entangled with chronic pelvic pain any more.

That mental break down, even though it was really hard, it was a blessing, as there is always light when there is darkness. At the time I was severely anxious, depressed and I couldn't literally leave my house or function in any way - I was done.


My emotions and pain had me cocooned in a negative spiraling tunnel. It was then I realised that I couldn't get any lower. There had to be another way.  Another way to heal my pelvic pain - my mind, my body and my soul.

I somehow picked myself up and delved heavily into understanding the mind body connection, learning, and absorbing everything I could about the mind, how pain works, and the importance of understanding the power I had in myself to heal. I'm not yet pain free but am taking you on my pelvic pain journey as I heal.

But believe me, in just 12 short months, I've made huge progress, all on my own. Using the tools and strategies I've learned and applied to myself along the way.


One major technique I can attribute to healing my pelvic pain is meditation. I practice every day, some days for 2 hours, and I slowly have bloomed into a new mindful soul, a beautiful new mindset - a new person.

Today I stand strong, stand tall, and feel free. I've found a new path to healing rather than chasing the symptoms, and I want to share it with you.

I am now a Pelvic Wellness & Self Love Advocate, Mentor & Teacher, and I am here to help as many women, men and non-binary souls as I can; guiding them on their own path to heal their pelvic pain.

Read more about my story or get in contact with me if you are struggling and need help.

I also teach a Makeup Touch Therapy Course to help with pain and anxiety.

I am here for you, dear one. You are not alone.


The Pelvic Warrior

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