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My Journey with Pelvic Pain

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I've had a long and at times mentally and physcially crippling battle with my pelvis.

I has literally taken me years to feel comfortable to talk about what's going on down there but I'm ready; so I've created 'The Pelvic Warrior' blog, movement, army (call it what you will), to help raise awareness of the power and magic of the pelvis. To help you learn to love yourself and your pelvis no matter how much pain or suffering it may be causing you and to help as many people as I can towards a healing path.

The Road Has Been Long

I'm not going to lie and tell you I've been healed overnight and I have the answers to all your pelvic pain problems. That is just not the case. I'm here to take you on my journey, to a place where I am now. A place where I feel I am healing myself day by day, a place where I know that time is on my side, a place of love for myself (and my pelvis) and a place where I am in control, not any doctor.

Before I begin I want to add a little disclaimer...

My journey, the teachings, insights and tools I use that I'll talk about have helped me. Your story and journey is your own and may be very different to mine. I'm not a medical professional but a woman who has been dealing with pelvic issues for over 12 years. If you resonate with my perspective, please consult with a trained professional before trying any physical activity, or deciding to go against any medical advice.

Now my story is a long one, so I shall summarise as I don't want to get stuck talking about the symptoms, but rather the healing.

Over 12 years and counting, I have had vulvodyina, painful bladder syndrome, and pudenal neuralgia. What a trifecta hey! But it's not all bad. during that time I've had two children and married the most wonderful caring man who has seen me at my worst and my best.

I've been through immense pain, every feeling you can imagine, every distressing negative thought pattern, depression, anxiety (still trying to get a handle on those), and even the deep dark thoughts we don't wish to talk about. I get it. I get you, and I know how crippling and disabling pelvic pain is. How isolating it is, and controlling of your daily life it can be, but the one thing I want to stress is that pain doesn't have to control you, anxiety doesn't have to control you.

It doesn't have to own you.

I'm going to stop there for now as I have a lot to say and one blog post isn't enough.

What I'm going to leave with you is a quote that changed the way I thought about my pelvis by one of my favourite and leading specialist is pain science, Dr Lorimer Moseley...

"Pain comes 100% of the time from the brain"

Love your pelvis and love yourself.

The Pelvic Warrior xox

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